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Auto Insurance Broker


An Agency with Drive

As an independent auto insurance agency, we can offer our customers lower auto insurance rates and great coverage they can count on. Let our experienced insurance brokers provide you with the affordable vehicle insurance rates you want, and peace of mind you deserve.

Not only is insuring your automobile the law in Illinois; it's also a means of keeping you and your loved ones safe from financial loss due to unforeseen issues such as accidents and lawsuits. Ideally you would never have the need to file an insurance claim, but life happens. From minor accidents to a catastrophic loss, the team at Tom Iaquinta's Insurance Agency will be with you to help navigate life's uncertainties.

Getting Started with Auto Insurance

Understanding Auto Insurance coverage is the first step to protecting you and your family when you get behind the wheel.

Liability Coverage - This portion of the policy is required by most states, as the coverage is specific for your financial responsibility for injuring others.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage - These portions of the policy are often mandated by leasing companies or banks when the automobile is not owned outright, as they cover the car itself. Combined, the coverages will pay to repair loses caused by accidents, fire, theft or other catastrophic occurrences.

Add-on Coverage - Personal injury, uninsured/ under-insured motorist, car rental, roadside assistance, and other coverages may be available per individual insurance carriers.

Deductibles - An insurance deductible is the "out of pocket” expense you pay on a claim before your insurance covers the rest. Utilizing high deductibles can help reduce premiums, while a low deductible policy may have less "out of pocket" expense should you need to file a claim.

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