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Motorcycle Wheel


Insuring a lifestyle

We understand your passion for motorcycles, and that's why we work with the best motorcycle carriers in the country. Whether you're a new rider or a veteran motorcycle enthusiast, Tom Iaquinta's Insurance Agency will build a policy specific for your needs.


Getting Started with Motorcycle Insurance

Just like owning a car, insuring your motorcycle is the law in Illinois. However, your policy can be as customized as your bike. Knowing what to cover is the first step to knowing how to cover it.


Liability Coverage - This portion of the policy is required by most states, as the coverage is specific for your financial responsibility for injuring others.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage - These portions of the policy are often mandated by leasing companies or banks when the motorcycle is not owned outright, as they cover the bike itself. Combined, the coverages will pay to repair loses caused by accidents, fire, theft or other catastrophic occurrences.

Add-on Coverage - Insure parts like chrome, custom pain jobs, and additional accessories like saddlebags.

Roadside Assistance - Ride easy with roadside assistance. If your bike has a mechanical breakdown, this coverage can help with transportation and other logistics to get you back on the road.

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